Migrating from Sonicwall: DNS Rebinding Settings

I'd like to purchase an XG and using the Sophos Demo I've found comparable settings to most of what I need. There are a few items that are eluding me.

On the Sonicwall under Network/DNS if you scroll past the DNS settings there is an sub-option to "Enable DNS Rebinding Attack Prevention"  and under this there in drop down to allow for "Allowed Domains." You create the allowed domains as FQDN Address Objects under Network/Address Objects.


For example I'd create and Address Object like this:

Zone Assignment: Lan

Type: FQDN

FQDN Host name: *.example.com


These same settings don't appear to be available so how do you create these settings on a  Sophos XG?  I found the FQDN Host page; where do I go from there? I am assuming I need to add a user/network rule.

  • Hi,

    I think what you are trying to achieve is covered by the XG DNS proxy and IPS functions. Please ensure that the XG DNS is part of any DNS setting you configure to ensure that the searches a correct.