Sophos XG on NBN FTTN

Has anyone installed a Sophos XG onto a Fibre to the Node (FTTN) service on Australia's NBN? 

What was your experience like?

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    Yeah, you don't need to worry about the VDSL options when using IPoE (set the interface to use DHCP) or statically setting the IP (set it statically like you would normally). Just make sure that the config you do on the interface is on the correct VLAN for your ISP (Add Interface > Add VLAN)

    Let me know how you go, I've configured it for two  different sites now. One had a statically set IP address on their FTTN connection (TPG Business using VLAN 100), the other is using IPoE/DHCP on their FTTN connection (Telstra with no VLAN/native VLAN).


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    Hi srw,

    I just noticed that you have setup FTTN using Telstra. Can you please share what hardware did you use? I currently have Cyberoam50i and Sophos XG 105w. I am wondering whether the 105w supports VDSL on port 4.



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    For FTTN you'll need to purchase a Sophos VDSL module which you'll install into the SFP slot, then look at my other posts for the config