Sophos XG on NBN FTTN

Has anyone installed a Sophos XG onto a Fibre to the Node (FTTN) service on Australia's NBN? 

What was your experience like?

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    Yeah, you don't need to worry about the VDSL options when using IPoE (set the interface to use DHCP) or statically setting the IP (set it statically like you would normally). Just make sure that the config you do on the interface is on the correct VLAN for your ISP (Add Interface > Add VLAN)

    Let me know how you go, I've configured it for two  different sites now. One had a statically set IP address on their FTTN connection (TPG Business using VLAN 100), the other is using IPoE/DHCP on their FTTN connection (Telstra with no VLAN/native VLAN).


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    Hi srw,

    I just noticed that you have setup FTTN using Telstra. Can you please share what hardware did you use? I currently have Cyberoam50i and Sophos XG 105w. I am wondering whether the 105w supports VDSL on port 4.



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    For FTTN you'll need to purchase a Sophos VDSL module which you'll install into the SFP slot, then look at my other posts for the config

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    Hi SRW,


    Just wanted to follow up on this, I have been wanting to try this setup for some time but couldn't confirm it was supported in Australian. I have emailed the disti but got nothing back. So if you don't mind which distributor did you use. Have you set up any 106 with NBN FTTN and a 4G backup service? If so how did you do it, my goal is to have the least number of devices in the client rack as possible, so i was thinking maybe a USB device.




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    Have a look at my other posts in here for the FTTN config. 4G is pretty simple as well, if your using a USB one make sure you activate it using a PC first before plugging it in. The disti you go through shouldn't matter.

  • Hi S248,


    Please advise if you had any luck configuring Sophos XG on NBN FTTN


    Appreciate any assistance




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    Hi Ruka,


    SRW's previous replies answer your question in full. I can confirm, I have it working for NBN, with and without VLAN tags, with this threads replies

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your message , just an overview on my current setup. I have installed Sophos XG on a mini PC that has four N/W ports. Port 2 has WAN and Port 1 and Port 3 are configured with LAN subnets

    When i tried to connect Port 2 directly to NBN NTD and tried to enter PPPoE details , its not been accepted.

    My question was is there any other hardware that i need to install on the Mini PC like Sophos VDSL module for the Mini PC to recognize

    My ISP Provider is TPG and i dont have static IP from them

    Appreciate any assistance

    Have a good day



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    Hi Raku,

    when configuring your WAN interface, you select PPPoE, inout the details, then scroll down to DSL and enable the VDSL setting. I looked ta the TPG site and could not find which VLAN id is required, might be provided by yhte configuration as you login.


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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for those details, i believe VLAN ID for TPG is 2.

    Anyways will give that a shot and let know how it goes

    Appreciate your help



    Raju George

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    If you're using NBN FTTN you need a VDSL Modem. For Sophos XG devices, the Sophos VDSL Modem will work fine. If your using a mini PC with Sophos XG installed you'll need to find a TPLink, Billion, Netgear, etc that has a VDSL modem and supports bridged mode.

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    Hi srw,

    I'm using NBN FTTN at home. I have TP-Link VR600 v2. It has bridge mode options, but i havent enabled it yet

    Currently TP-Link WAN port is connected to NTD ) , and LAN port from TP-Link is connected to Mini PC Port 2 which has IP ( static )

    My doubt is , is this the right way to set it up or should i be enabling bridge mode

    Appreciate your cooperation


    Raju George