XG Firewall not seeing multiple AP50 WAPs. Fresh install.

Hello, everyone. I have been trying to move from UTM 9 to XG Firewall Home edition due to the inaccurate IP address usage reporting in UTM. 

My AP50 WAPS were working wonderfully in UTM 9, but now are not being seen by XG Firewall. I have tried using the Sophos RED & AP Recovery Application on two of the access points and wired them into my switch. In the Log Viewer I get:

messageid="60020" log_type="Event" log_component="DHCP Server" log_subtype="System" status="Renew" leased_ip="" src_mac="[omitted]" client_host_name="" message="Lease IP renewed for MAC [omitted]" raw_data=" Thu 11 Oct 05:59:45 2018 Fri 12 Oct 05:59:45 2018 [omitted] AP50-A4000845F987489" 

As you can see, it detects the access point and even assigns it an IP address, but it still never shows up in Protect < Wireless < Access Points. The other two APs, (I have four in total) have the same issue. I have plugged them into the switch, they get assigned an IP, and never show up in Access Points. 

 I have also verified I get full internet access and network connectivity through my laptop WiFi with a Sophos-assigned DHCP address. 


More info: I can ping the IP assigned to the gateway and get a response:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64


Has anyone gotten AP50s to work in XG Firewall?