Installing SSL certificate via GPO works for IE but not Chrome - Anyone have a workaround


We have set up our group policy to distribute the SSL certificate to our domain PC's and this works fine however when browsing from Chrome to a site that is blocked on the firewall we get an connection error. IE works fine and the site is blocked correctly. 

If I go through the settings in Chrome and re install the certificate manually on the PC it works as expected and the correct message is displayed. 

I believe that there are new protocols in Chrome that are causing this but has anyone found any solution that would allow me to use GPO to distribute the certificate for Chrome to work correctly? I can install on all the PC's if I need too but I thought I would check first. 


  • Can you verify the version on chrome and if the certificate got correct pushed? 

    Could not reproduce it on any of my machines with chrome. 

  • Hi Michael,

    I distribute SSL certificates using GPO and have done for over a year, no problems here at all, I agree with ManBearPig. Ensure you are also using the correct store.

    Chrome uses the Windows Cert stores, unlike Firefox (which seems to have gone backwards in the past year).