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Hello Sophosers,

I need to dig a little deeper into traffic and data usage on XG. There are hardly and traffic reports or possibility of custom reports for VLANs. I know the XG is more user oriented and I can get this information per user or group, but this does not a viable solution since I have NO information about the users. 

To give you an idea of the scenario, imagine an ISP with a couple of XG and giving internet service and VPNs (firewall mainly) to a bunch of clients. Each client is a VLAN with their corresponding public and private natted networks. All VLANs. What is needed is to find out the network or traffic usage of VLAN 10 (company a), VLAN 11 (company b), VLAN 12 (compnay c) etc. 

Any ideas? Better yet, any reason for this not being possible?


  • WajdiAyach,

    apart the ISP IP challenge, for the VLAN, you can create zone for each VLAN and generate reports against Zone.

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    Correct, but the point of using vlan is to not use as many interfaces per client. Each zone is an interface :-) Imagine that!

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    If you do not want to create one zone per each client, reporting will be diffucult to consult. You need to search per IP range.

    Zone requires an interface (physical or VLAN). I am not sure how many zones the XG can support.

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    Thanks Luk. I was hoping for input from Sophos to shed some light on this issue since I believe it would be possible to report on VLANs. Let's see.

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    Sorry for reviving a necro thread... but.. this is STILL an issue! (on 17.5.12)