Override Username Field on the Firewall, with some other Field on active directory - Report shows emp id instead of Username XG SSO.

Hello Everybody,

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I was not quite able to find any help on the forum or on the Internet for the below mentioned Issue. In case if any other thread already has this discussed please share the link and close this thread. 


I have Sophos SG135 running SFOS 16.01.2. 

I have integrated my Active Directory with with the firewall and enabled Single Sign On with STAS Authentication.

Now let me xplain the scenario

The username or AD userid in the Active Directory is the Emp ID for all employees / users, so while logging on to any client machine the user simply enters his official employee id in the username field and then the password on a Windows domain computer, and this is how people log on to their workstations at my office. 



Due to this sort of AD deployment the firewall report generated displays web usage against employee id's (which off course is the username ).


Now this report becomes hard to interpret, since  the network admin has to keep track of emp id -- actual username mappings , is there an way that we can customize the User ID field in reports to fetch username from Active Directory instead of fetching the user logon name.

eg. Imagine  if my reports read as "employee id   2651000 accessed sophos.com on 28 Jan 2017", is rather hard when compared to "John Smith accessed sophos.com on 28 Jan 2017".


I hope you get what I mean to say. 


Awaiting your reply.



Samson Pacharne. 

  • Hi Samson,

    This is not possible. The reports will be generated on the basis of User information received by the XG from AD. You can still raise it as a feature request here, to tweak some reporting settings to map the username to a defined object name.


  • In reply to sachingurung:

    Dear Sachin,


    Thanks for the reply. I shall raise a feature request for the same.



    Samson Pacharne.