Control Centre Reporting wrong numbers

Just noticed this starting today in the Control Centre, on our XG Firewalls running 17.5 MR11, the users number shown in the Connected remote users section does not reflect the true number, however when I click on it, and it takes me the Remote Users it shows the correct number. The Live users number is correct. I have noticed in the past that that the Control Centre sometimes needs a coupe of manual refreshs to show the correct numbers, but not this time.


Anyone else seen this?


  • Hi  

    Could you please share the screenshots? It would help us to understand and will help you further.

  • In reply to Keyur:

    I think this was caused by editing an ACL whilst users were logged in. I noticed that the number of Remote Users that had logged in after the change were counted but those who had been logged in were not included in the count. I presume the counter is reset when an ACL is redefined.