How to troubleshoot on-box reporting issues


It's almost a few days that the firewall does not record any reports.
Memory is completely free
This problem is resolved by resetting the database. But after a day, no reports will be recorded again.

All configuration is correct.
How to solve this problem?????????

  • Hello Maichael,

    You look to have the garner not logging/reporting issue detailed here:

    Raise a case with Sophos and specifically reference having no logging or reports until after you restart garner. This should return it to function but it could fail again: service garner:restart -ds nosync

    This should be done in advanced shell.


  • In reply to EmileBelcourt:

    This problem is solved only one day with this command.
    why Sophos does not solve this problem???????

    This is a bug

  • In reply to Maicheal Maicheal:

    Sophos is still working on the RCA in Garner. 

    Workaround would be to disable the Notification (Email).