Office 365 Cloud App Security

Trying to get O365 Cloud app security to inspect our Sophos logs.  They say that they can read XG firewall logs but each time they are uploaded we get errors stating that they are in the incorrect format.


Has anyone else got this working ?





  • Hi Ed,


    I to am trying to get this working. However I cannot seem to get the Collector to send any logs. Can you share with me your configuration from the XG side? I would be very grateful. Hopefully someone at sophos or in community will respond to get this moving. Sureley someone knows how to get it functioning considering MS documents XG as supported. 




    Brad Dworkin

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    Hi Brad,


    The only way I've managed to get it working at present is to use the log viewer to export logs.. not what we need for continuous monitoring.  Looking at the MS docs, it implies that we need to use docker rather than a VM (VM was depreciated) to make this work.  So whilst it is technically supported, it looks like we can not just point MS at our XG or vice-versa.


    I've put it on hold at present as I am looking at other firewall solutions before we renew, but would be very interested in a solution from either MS or Sophos




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    Did you ever get any further with this?