SLA times report

Is it possible to generate a report base on SLA times (Up/Down/Maintenance) on one or multiple physical interfaces?

For example, I know my ISP had some downtime and the device to notice and check the connection is the XG in my situation. I would like the XG to be able to generate such a report.

  • Hi JeffreyJaspers,

    Please check the reports section Compliance > Show Events > System Events

    Filter message > Contains "interface"

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    Hi Aditya,

    Thank you for your answer. This is not quite what im looking for. My XG is virtual so the interface is allways connected therfore Im not able to use the interface up/down information. I guess Sophos currently does not provide such information. Can you put it on the wishlist?

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    you can setup the wan monitoring to report on failures by setting the test site to be an external site you trust for reliability.

    Failures will logged.


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    Hi rfcat,

    thanks for thinking with me. Can you tell me where to setup such monitoring, cause i've looked in the XG but I can't really find where to set it up.

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    Hi Jeffrey,

    this is the default on my XG.


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    Yes I got this setup already for a while, but it doesnt seem to show up in the event report

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    Nevermind, found it. 

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    Still it would be nice to be able to have and SLA monitor as a feature.

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    Hi Jeffery,

    if you would like a feature then please feel free to add it to the feature forum and post a link back here asking for support. When requesting a feature please include some details about your request.



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    Hi JeffreyJaspers ,

    You use the keyword "Gateway" as Event type.  Also, it would seem it pings to the default settings which can be changed to set ping to any public address.

    Network  > WAN link Manager >Gateway > Failover rules > Set ping to any public address .E.g

    Go to Administration > Notification settings  > set the notification

    You will receive the notification on your email that the gateway is down and UP. But with the single ISP connection would be not be possible to send the notification as there is no communication with the internet.

     You should recieve the notification that the gateway is UP as the interet connection is restored.