Security Heartbeat Showing 0

On an XG 17.0.6 MR-6. I am showing 0 Connected for Security Heartbeat. It showed this on 2-3 previous releases as well. It was working at one point but hasn't for quite some time. I have tried clearing registration with Sophos Central and then re-joining it but that didn't work either. 

Anyone else having this issue?


Thank you!

  • Hi,


    We had this issue too, it was fixed by Sohpos support.

    I believe it was an issue with our heartbeat certificate on Sohpos Central to their heartbeat server, so it could be the same for you.




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    What did you for solving this issue? Re-connecting XG Firewall to Sophos-Central?

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    the above link by is what was done using Chrome web browser

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    Thank you! this worked for me!

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    Thanks Luk, you just saved me from wasting hours contacting Sophos Support.

    What I love about this is that there's no errors in C:\ProgramData\Sophos\Heartbeat\Logs (in fact it's pretty much silent) and Sophos Endpoint Self Help shows green ticks across the board. Additionally XG Firewall says everything's fine with its registration, just that you've got no clients connected.

    It's not until you look in /var/tslog/heartbeatd.log that you find out that clients are failing connection, maybe because the client hasn't received the server certificate yet.

    This pervasiveness across the tech industry of not bubbling up important raw errors to a management console to save admins hours of wasted time seriously questions my reasons for wanting to work in this space. Worst of all is this is happening in security products, where there's an implicit trust that the management consoles are reporting a truthful summary of what's actually happening. In this instance, the report of zero connected clients is actually truthful, just not at all useful in determining cause and providing remediation.

    It's this constant erosion of trust which will be my primary driver in finding a replacement for the XG Firewall and now Sophos Endpoint Protection. That, and the endless hours wasted determining root cause to implement a fix.

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    I only needed to perform Steps 1-4 in KBA 127642 for the Sophos Endpoints to recognise the Heartbeat configuration change, check in with Sophos Central and report status.

    XG Firewall is now seeing all the Endpoints correctly.