Real Bandwidth usage - Control Center which one is correct?

Hi All,

After years of XG usage, I still cannot understand in the CC which graph is the correct one. I only have one user role and look at the graphs that CC reports:

Looking at the command line output:

system diagnostics utilities bandwidth-monitor

it reports like "bandwidth graph". I have a 100Mb at home and I never reach more than 8 Mb behind XG. Yes I know about IPS, Web Proxy and Anti-malware scanning but graphs are not reporting correct information at all. This is the feeling I have.

What about other guys on Community?


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    Even my cheap home ASUS router shows very accurate realtime bandwidth per connected user (IP). Can't seem to find similar reporting in XG. Hard to find the bandwidth hogs.

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    Hello Arie,

    We have checked with the latest firmware and able to observe improvements since then. The valid Shown will be in KiloBytes instead of KiloBits. You are transfering through the firewall it will show the traffic utilization and also you can verify them in the system graphs.

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    Hi Good day!


    Ever since I upgrade my Sophos XG 125 to v17.5.1 MR-1 and 17.5.3 MR-3, the web activity graph always stops after 5 to 7 days. I also notice that loading of information in dashboard becomes slow unlike previous firmware.


    Please see attached file for reference.





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    Hello Val,

    Your issue could be relavent for failed update from iview logs on your system. We expect the fix in 17.5 MR-4 for that issue and should be out by end of this month. 

    Could you provide us access to your machine by enabling Support Access and PM me the ID, so I may have a quick look and diagnose the issue?


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    Hi Aditya,


    ID sent already. 

    Thanks for your usual assistance.




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    Hello Val,

    Thank you for troubleshooting this issue with us. Could you let us know if the issue is resolved after a restart? If not could you please upgrade to the firmware 17.5 MR -4 which is available on MySophos portal. 

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    Hi Aditya,


    My XG firewall was already remote by Mr. Tony Bueta, Sophos Support.


    This is their email.


    Hello Val,

    We have restarted some services on backend related to reporting. 

    Can now see it is displaying data. 

    Please monitor for now and advise if issue reoccurs. 

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    Hello ,

    Thank you for the update, we have observed the same on your case and let us know if you encounter the similar issue again.

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    It does seem the issue did not resurface after the restart of the appliance, let us know if you encounter the same issue.