SFM / License expired message

Hello together

Has anybody of you a solution for the "expired" licenses messages after the initial trial licenses have expired?

We have several Sophos XG firewalls in our SFM instance, and we receive from every XG messages that the licenses have expired... but only for the "not licensed" moduls.


Is there a solution for that?


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  • Hi Simon,

    Not sure but I guess you are referring to the Alerts generated via Email. You can disable the alerts by navigating to System & Monitor > Alerts > Edit Default AlertProfile> uncheck Any subscription expires within 15 days.

    Any help?

  • In reply to sachingurung:

    Hi Sachin

    Thanks for your help. No that's not the solution for me, because I would like to get an alarm if a license expires. But I don't need an alarm if a trial license is expired.

    We startet on Azure with Trial licenses and now we bought the licenses for Webserver and Network. But we receive every day an alarm for the other modules.

    Is it possible to reconfigure the XG, so that expired licenses are in an other state then expired? Not configured or something else...

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  • In reply to haennerson:

    In that case, instead of tweaking anything on the XG how about configuring two different groups for alerts. One group consists of the paid license devices with Alerts configured in the stated options above and alongside, the other group shall consist of XG's subscribed with the Trial license with the Alerts for license expiry unchecked. 


  • In reply to sachingurung:

    Hi Sachin

    That is also no solution.

    See below,  I receive only the alarms of the expired license:

    Following alert(s) were generated as per the Device time 2018-01-08 15:01 and time zone - Europe/Zurich configured in Device.

    The Web Protection license for device with serial number xx is expired.
    The Email Protection license for device with serial number xx is expired.
    The Enhanced Support license for device with serial number xx is expired.
    The Sandstorm license for device with serial number xx is expired.

    You have received this alert by subscribing for SFM Appliance InstaAlerts. To unsubscribe/modify alerts login to SFM or contact your administrator.

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  • Hello good afternoon!

    I am also facing the same situation. There are some devices in which I manage them through Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM), and we decided to enable a TRIAL of some equipment but the project did not go forward and we decided not to buy the module.

    So in my Sophos Firewall Manager, the same is showing me in the Dashboard that there is a problem with my license.

    How do I change this status from "expired" to "unsubscribed".

    Thank you.