How to register a previously-owned SG Firewall with new owner?

I have purchased a previously-owned Sophos XG-115 firewall. The device is still registered to the original owner. There are also several active (i.e., not-yet-expired) subscriptions installed on this device. Questions:

  1. What is the proper procedure to de-register the device from the previous owner and register it to the new owner of the device?
  2. Is it possible to transfer active subscriptions from the previous owner to the new owner?

Thank you.


  • Bob,

    you should contact Sophos Support or your Partner. We cannot help you in that here.


  • Hello Bob,


    Did you get this sorted? I am having the same issue.


    Regards Ronald.

  • In reply to patan32:

    Hello, Ronald.  I have not yet pursued this.  So unfortunately, the Sophos appliance is still sitting on the shelf.  :-)   :-(



  • In Sophos, there is no option to deregister the device even if the owner tries to deregister it from his Sophos account, it will not work because there is no such thing as deregistering the device.

    Here is what the owner and the buyer has to do:

    -Ask the owner to transfer the device registration to your Sophos account by putting your email address that you used for Sophos account.

    -You should receive an email with the invitation to accept the request for registering the device. Make sure you accept it within 3 days. Otherwise, it will expire and the owner has to send the request again.

  • In reply to Danial Khan:

    Another approach is contact Sophos to transfer the asset. 

    Because keep in Mind, the Asset (who purchased this appliance) is still on the old Owner after transfer via MySophos.

    There are legal restriction behind such a transfer so the asset needs to be transferred properly. 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Hi LuCar Toni, 

    I just verified this process with customer care and they suggested to contact them and they have proper process to handle this situation.