XG home license on SG125w?

Hi fellows,

is it possible to activate my xg home license on an sg125w appliance?

for UTM9 i have to delete the /etc/asg file on the appliance to use the HW Appliance image with my sg125w. when i installed the sw image of the utm9, the nic order is not matching with the physical ports.

Is this the same problem with the xg OS? Can i use the internal WIFI Card of my appliance with the XG home license?

  • In reply to Sascha:

    You cant install  XG Home on a XG85, I've already tried and it fails as it has a 8GB HDD and the minimum requirement is 10GB. You need to use the XG105, this worked fine for me. 

    Not sure if home works with wifi, but if your an IT guy, drop the wifi and just use it as a firewall, buy yourself a ubiquiti AP AC Pro for wifi, the unifi management is way way better than the wifi on the sophos. 


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    Hello Stephen,


    What speed did you get from the XG 105 with Sophos Home license?

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    I bought 2x XG105's one for my parents, the other for my inlaws.. works great.. 

    One has 100MB internet and there is no problems downloading at that speed, i also do a VPN between our houses where i have 40MB of bandwidth between us, the VPN encrypts at that 40MB no problem. 

    I also have 100MB internet, but my upload speed is capped at 40MB by my ISP, hence why i can only push the VPN to 40MB/s