XG home license on SG125w?

Hi fellows,

is it possible to activate my xg home license on an sg125w appliance?

for UTM9 i have to delete the /etc/asg file on the appliance to use the HW Appliance image with my sg125w. when i installed the sw image of the utm9, the nic order is not matching with the physical ports.

Is this the same problem with the xg OS? Can i use the internal WIFI Card of my appliance with the XG home license?

  • See https://community.sophos.com/products/xg-firewall/f/46/t/10928.  You'll need to use the software ISO, the home license won't work with the hardware ISO install.  No workaround for XG, like there is for UTM.

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    Hi Scott,

    thank you for this information.

    The internal wifi card drivers are not included in the sw image. :/ Is there a way to install the drivers on the sw version?
  • No problem Andreas. Honestly, I'm not sure. I haven't flipped over to XG yet, waiting for v2.0 later this year to give it another shot, so my knowledge of the backend is still very limited. Maybe somebody else has figured something out.
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    Did you get the XG installed on your SG appliance? On the other thread the others have only managed to get it on older UTMs however the last guy tried it on an SG appliance and from what i can tell its pretty much a brick at this point (he's still working on it) From my experience I could not get the SW version 9 installed SG appliance I had to use the HW version otherwise it would throw and error telling me I am using the wrong version.
  • Hi Andreas,

    UTM9 currently allows you to install the software ISO on hardware appliances, but it requires some special effort - and as noted, a "w" model appliance would become just a standard software install, which doesn't support built-in wireless. So using a 125w, you could switch it to a software install, but it will no longer allow you to use the onboard wireless.

    The XG installer currently provides a tighter check, and doesn't allow users install software on a recognized appliance model (anything SG or newer) under any circumstances. We are planning on loosening this to use a similar method of checking used in UTM9. So this will be possible in future, but the same wireless restrictions will still apply.
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    That's great news, but will it then allow me to use my home license?

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    yes, just like any other software or virtual install, you'll be able to register it with your home use serial number
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    Really great news, do you have any idea of when they are expected this to happen?
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     Does the new release (MR-1.1) allow for the home license to be used on the SG hardware?

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    any update on this?

    I'm trying to install XG SW Home version on a SG125 but the installer wont work.
    Message: detected sophos psysical device.

    What is the workarround? or is it still not possible?

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    Can this also be done on CR Application?


    Regards, Ronak.

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    Erik Verwer

    any update on this?

    I'm trying to install XG SW Home version on a SG125 but the installer wont work.
    Message: detected sophos psysical device.

    What is the workarround? or is it still not possible?


    You have to delete the partitions on the HDD first, before the install will proceed. It's a safeguard against someone accidentally re-imaging it with the wrong installer. Delete the partitions first, and the software installer will then work on SG and XG appliances. This isn't supported on CR appliances. 

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    Thx Alan,

    I've deleted the partition with gParted Live USB. After that the installer worked indeed.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am new to Sophos and privatly interested in Purchasing an Sophos XG 85W Appliance. The Device comes along with all functionalities i am looking for. May its overscaled for home purposes but As an administrator i like to get insights into different solutions.

    However, i am Close to order but there are some license things which are confusing me. As already discussed in different posts i like to use the full featured home license on the Appliance itself,  including Wireless. Is this possible in the Meanwhile? If not, which function can be used without subscriptions? And can subscriptions adsed to a later point in time, lets say years, if it becomes necessary? Or do i have to license the missing Year afterwards as well?

    I am fine with paying the enterprise Advanced subscription  but not at the same time as the appliance.  If  the subscription would be with the device for one year only ecmverytjing would be sorted as well.

    Of course if the Home license would Work it is he preferred Solution  :)



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    do not buy an xg85, go for a model with more memory would be my recommendation. My home built unit has 6gb and uses around 40-55%. Also the current xg devices with inbuilt wifi only support one wifi channel, either 2.4 or 5ghz but not both at the same time.