Licensing, in the HA cluster, appears as unsubscribed Sophos XG v 18.0.1_MR1

Hello good night, I have two sophos XG 450 appliances with the OS version V18.0.1_MR1, with the HA service active, in which everything was working perfectly, due to some problems and several reboots I came across a problem , on both nodes I do not have the modules I subscribed to active, that is, they appear as unsubscribed, I have already checked on the my sophos portal and I have active subscriptions until 2022, when I synchronize on the appliance I do not get any errors, and in the licensing log tb reports that everything is fine… .what i can do to successfully resynchronize my subscriptions, as i have published services that are not currently working.
I appreciate the help.

  • Hello Antonio,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    Most likely the device that has the license is currently running as the Slave. Please check that the current Master is the one that originally got the license applied. 

    If not please reboot the device and resync the license. If the issue remains please send me by PM the output of the licensing.log as well as the S/N of both devices and this command output 

    # opcode getpublickey -ds nosync



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    Good morning Emmanuel, I had already carried out this procedure and continued the same, the solution given by the support was to change the licensing to the other node and put it as a primary, and then it worked, I think the node, which was licensed should have any problems and I will have to format it.
    Thank you for your help.

  • In reply to Antonio Rouqueiro:

    Hello Antonio,

    Thank you for the update and the steps that fixed the issue!