Unable to modify serial number for home appliance

Hi, Some weeks ago I've installed on a small esxi a copy of home XG version, at the beginning it asks me to activate the product and I've entered a wrong serial (an old one from a previous request). Now the 30 days of trial are over and I'm not able to modify the serial with the correct one and no way to manage my firewall...

Any suggestion?!?


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  • Fabio,

    you cannot change the Serial Number. Perform a backup and reinstall it from scratch.

    Once the XG is installed, enter the correct serial number and import the configuration again.


  • In reply to lferrara:

    But if the 30 trial day are over how can I export configuration file? Using the console?

  • In reply to ITA_Fabio:

    Uhm. You did not configure automatic backup via email? This is one of the first thing to do. Backup in every system is one important. You never know!

    There are no way to perform XG backup via console.