Renewing/reactivating Sophos XG Firewall Home edition



I have a Sophos XG firewall running on an older rackmount dell server.  Currently using it as a router/firewall for a game server (minecraft) and a couple of websites (all personal, no money made on these sites through any means).  Recently the various features of the XG were deactivated despite the expiration date being 2999 resulting in being unable to route to the website back-end behind the sophos


Is there any way to renew these services, or were they purely for evaluation and the license only covers the basic services?  I'm not very familiar with how the licensing is set up and was not the one to put it together.  I do have access to it though, as the one who set it up got too busy to continue managing it.


Thank you.

  • Hi,

    by the description you were using an trial licence, not a home licence. Take a backup of your configuration, apply for a home licence and do a fresh install using the new home licence, then do a restore from backup. Make sure you keep a copy of the backup password.


  • You are welcome to follow rfcat_vk's suggestion, but XG Home use licenses shouldn't expire. 

    Feel free to send me a private message with your serial number and I can investigate.


    Paul Warren