Convert XG Home to Fully licensed appliance

Is it possible to convert an XG Home license to a full functioning XG license. I want to get Sandstorm for my home lab unit.


  • Hi,

    You would have to buy a new licence and perform a fresh installation. But having said that I think you can purchase a sandstorm licence.

    Hopefully one of the sales staff will assist.


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    Thanks for your reply. I was told once that XG Home users would not be able to purchase a Sandstorm license. Can someone confirm if that even is a possibility?


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    Hi Charles,

    that was also my understanding, but things change and if we don't ask we will never know.


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    Hi Wilk4013,

    We don't support a transition from an XG Home license to any form of purchased license. So if you want Sandstorm you would need to purchased a Base license of the appropriate size (e.g. SW/Virtual Appliance Base License - UP TO 2 CORES & 4GB RAM or UP to 4 CORE & 6GB RAM) and Sandstorm for the same size, plus any other subscriptions you wanted. In addition, you would of course, need to back up your config, re-install using the new serial number, restore from backup.



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    Thank you. I will price it out