XG Firewall Home Edition


What is the maximum number of WAN ports for XG Firewall Home Edition?

Can we use 2/3 WANs for home edition?

Maximum users ?

  • Hi,

    the limits are 6gb of ram and 4 CPUs. The rest you can add until you run out of either processing power or memory.

    I recommend real CPU cores for better throughput.


  • Hi  

    Below given are the minimum requirement for Sophos XG home edition.

    • Intel compatible computer with dual network interfaces. (Any previous OS or files on the computer will be overwritten when installing the XG Firewall Home Edition)
    • Home Edition is limited to 4 cores and 6 GB of RAM. The computer can have more than this, but XG Firewall Home Edition will not be able to utilize it.

    It may support more NIC card but you have to add them before installing Sophos XG home, please refer the similar community thread- https://community.sophos.com/products/xg-firewall/f/hardware/111116/adding-another-nic-to-xg-home

  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    I 'll give this a try with 4 NIC this weekend, by default it only uses 2 NIC.

    But my actual question is to know regarding the throughput.

  • In reply to Musarrat Hussain:

    Throughput really depends on your IPS and firewall rule configuration. Also the faster the real 4 core CPU is the better.

    What is the speed of your internet connection?


  • What is the criteria on which Sophos Evaluates that Home Edition is not violating the policy of using it in commercial?

  • In reply to Musarrat Hussain:

    Yes, the XG Home Edition is not for commercial use.

    The email that is used to send the serial number for the XG Home product states "Important Legal Notice: The Home Use edition is free for personal home use only. You are strictly prohibited from using the Home Edition for anything other than personal home use. "

    The XG Home Edition is a Free Tool and it's usage is governed by the EULA here: https://www.sophos.com/en-us/legal/sophos-end-user-license-agreement.aspx (which you 'click through' when you download the product)

    Section 15.6.3 states: "... Free Tools may only be used for the express purposes permitted by Sophos as identified in the associated documentation."

    Hopefully this answers your question.