MSP Flex XG licenses 3 day waiting period??

This really caught me by surprise, I took a new firewall to a customer site and unboxed it there, and set it up. Little did I know, I now need to wait 3 days for my MSP flex Enterprise Guard licenses to be "approved" by Sophos staff. Can someone explain why this is necessary? Pretty big setback.... but something to be aware of if you are going this route. It is NOT this way with any of the other MSP flex products like endpoint security, those just work immediately after you deploy the installer....

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    Please allow us some time to verify the details for the reported query and I will get back to you.

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    Normally, it's within 2-3 working days to get the MSP Flex license key, which is mentioned on the partner portal.

    However, if you could provide me with the device serial no or the requested email address. We could check and give you the exact details.