Sophos XG License Simple vs FullGuard for a VPN Usage


I want to set up sophos xg 86 for my business, the need is:
- VPN Remote Site (IPSec)
- VPN Site-to-Site (IPSec)

in the 2 pictures below, I have two offer of sale, the 1st with "FullGuard" and the second "Simple",



please I want to know if I think to reach my need with the 2nd image,
1) Is the VPN included in the basic functionality without "FullGuard"?
2) What are the limits of VPN (Max number of sites)?


  • Hi Tears,

    Could you tell us more about what you want to use the XG86 for? A few questions below:

    • What else are you planning on using the XG for? Is it just IPSEC or are you planning on doing web filtering/anti intrusion etc?
    • How many users are behind the appliance?
    • How fast is the internet connection?
    • Will the XG only be plugged into the internal network on a single interface then to the WAN or are you planning on having multiple ports for use like DMZ etc.?


  • In reply to EmileBelcourt:

    Hi Emile,

    The Xg86 will be used for a IPSec vpn site to site, IPSec vpn remote site and web filtring for a 10 users, i will use a wan link 20MBits/s for the internet, the xg86 will be plugged into internel network on single interface then to the wan.

  • In reply to tears king:

    Base License (Without Subscription) has VPN included (IPsec Remote / Site to Site included). 

  • In reply to tears king:

    Hi Tears,

    The second option will be fine. But if you want to run any Sophos Connect, RED or Heartbeat, you might want to get enterprise protect which is network and web. Definitely not fullguard.