Types of Support for Home Users

I have two WAN connections and two routers in my home. One is running Untangle NG and the other SOPHOS XG Firewall. I am testing SOPHOS XG Firewall to determine if I want to replace my Untangle software. Untangle provides a support program for their home users for $50.00 a year. This allows me to use email to obtain support from Untangle.  Does SOPHOS have such a support program for home users?

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    support for home users of XG is only from these forums except for hardware where you have to contact your reseller.


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    Thanks for your response rfcat_vk.

    That's unfortunate. Seems like a money making opportunity to me. Home users don't generally require a lot of support after the initial familiarization period. I have probably not used Untangle's support more than half a dozen times in several years.

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    Astaro (a long time before Sophos bought the company) used to do that on the UTM, but decided the cost of administration was too high and changed to forum support only.

    In most cases you will get excellent support from these forum, there are paid Sophos support staff and some devs who frequent the forums.


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    hello callengodfrey,

    Any thoughts on comparing untangle with Sophos, how does it compare now with the new released version of untangle?


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    Good question. To be honest, I try to avoid spending much time on SOPHOS or Untangle software. I spent 30+ years in the IT world and would like to waste as little time as possible on a computer. That being said, I do have an observation or two. I have used Untangle for several years. I only recently decided to try SOPHOS XG because I had heard that it is more secure than Untangle. With my limited experience with SOPHOS, I would say that Untangle appears to be more intuitive to use. In addition, I have only had to contact Untangle support a few times in those years (usually for clarification on new functionality). I am not interested in having a sophisticated home network, only a secure one. The jury is still out as to which software I will finally choose. To be honest, not having any support from SOPHOS does not bode well for them. I don't often need help, but when I do, I want it!