Limitations of the Home License

Hi everybody,

although the limitations of the Home License have been discussed quite a few times, I still want to put the information together and some things remain unclear for me. Therefore, this post. I have found so far that there are the following limitations for the Home Version:

  1. 6 GB RAM, 4 cores maximum of resources are used
  2. Hardware appliances are not eligible for a home license unless you "erase" them and reinstall the software license manually. However, built-in wireless will not work. Except of the wireless part, the appliances are fully functional
  3. Sandstorm will not be available
  4. No Auto-Updates (?)

What remains as a question are the following points:

  1. Can I use Sophos APs with the home license?
  2. Can I use Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) devices e.g. for my parents?

Thanks a lot for answers to my questions in advance or any corrections / additions to the listed limitations.


  • Hey  

    Yes, you can use Sophos Wireless AP's with your Home License (Related Community thread). You should also be able to connect and use a RED device with your XG Home License.

    Hope that helps!


  • Hi Julia,

    auto-updates work for all functions of the XG home licence.

    If you have setup XG home for relatives you can also use the central site management software (limited number, not sure how  many XGs).



    Forgot, you can enable sandstorm but not configure it, so it sends data to Sophos is my understanding. I have it enabled on my firewall rules.

  • In reply to FloSupport:


    Is there any posibility to increase the cores for a Home license? we are starting to have gigabit connections at our homes or 500 Mbps and 4 cores is a little bit limited even with 2 o 3 concurrent users in particular while using Snort.

    Many people may think twice before using Sophos XG due to this limitation because it won't be a future proof solution for home users in a few years.


    I already have this problem and I'm thinking to comming back to Untangle, pfsense, or anything else.

  • In reply to l0rdraiden:

    So what you are saying, but have not presented any evidence is your XG is running out of horsepower. Increasing the number of cores with the current version of snort will not help. You need to go for faster CPUs.

    What sort of data do you have 3 users downloading for sustained periods that can saturate a 1gb/s link and max out 4 cores?

    A better approach would be to start a new thread and make it a sticky where the forum members that have access to >1gb/s external links can post their hardware configuration, the load graphs, the actual CPU load, the bandwidth, the number of users, ram usage and how often you are having connect or download issues where the XG performance is the cause.

    Then when multi-threaded snort is eventually added to the XG you have some public benchmarks to ask for more CPU cores.

    Going back a little while ago I remember when William Warren published extensive testing on both the XG and UTM about the snort configuration and included until multi-threaded snort was available you really needed a very fast 4 core processor using real cores.



  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Then they are lying about the performance

    the XG 135 is suppose to be able handle 1 gigabit connections and more with the IPS (NGFW)

    And i has a quad core at 2.4 Ghz

    I have a Quad core (8 threads) at 3.8 Ghz so I should be able to get the gigabit easily and I can't even get 300 Mbps. I have to go to the 450 to find a similar processor to the one I have.

    So, or they are lying, or something is not working properly.

  • In reply to l0rdraiden:


    To add to what  mentioned already:

    Unfortunately, there are no current plans to change this for our free XG Home license. However, I would advise sharing your suggestions on our Sophos Ideas page for visibility to our product team.

    Please note that our spec sheets provide performance information related to our Sophos XG hardware. Performance optimization is able to be accomplished in this regard.

    Since the Free XG Home Software is able to be used with a wide range of user hardware, performance numbers will be difficult to accurately predict.