Clarification for update situation needed


I am intending to buy a XG 105. Concerning the licensing I understood that several services need subscriptions (e.g. web filter, IPS etc etc). It is stated in the product flyers that "basic operation" is also possible without any subscription. Beside these Service Subscriptions, there are the Support Subscriptions. Do I need a Support Subscription to get updates or are the updates also available if no subscription at all is purchased?

Thanks a lot!


  • Hello Peter,

    The subscription is based on the modules and if you have not subscribed for support, you would still receive all the updates with regards to subscribed modules.

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Thanks a lot for the fast reply. So, am I right in the understanding that the Support plans basically only offer that you "get somebody on phone" and hardware warrenty? I am definitly willing to buy a Support plan but we had some very bad experience with Fortinet's Fortigates in the past. There, if you don't buy a Support plan you get no security updates or software upgrades for the appliance. This effectivly makes the product useless. I just want to exclude that the same will happen to Sophos appliances if we are (for some reason) not going to renew any subscription at a later point.


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    Hello Peter,

    True, that is what support subscription is for and has nothing to do with product updates and warranty.