Why does sophos XG not recognise that I have a connection

I have been using sophos XG for about a week now but have yet to register the product. I have tried everything from reinstalling to swapping nics in my server but still get the following error.
None of the other suggestion on this topic seems to work for me. I am using the default config and all connected client can connect. What is my way forward as I can clearly ping the sophos servers? 


  • Hi Ashruf,


    SSH into the XG -- go to option 5 then 3. 

    Run the command tail -f /log/licensing.log 

    Reproduce the synchronization and it will tell you where it is failing. 

    I would recommend opening a support case for this as well. 

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    The log revealed the following

    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --requestType = 1
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --serial = C01001Y7K2P42CC
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --deviceid = 566c840b-f906-4655-8f32-1afc770ed7df
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --model = SF01V
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --vendor = SO01
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --upgradedFrom = 0
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --fwversion =
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --cert = /_conf/certificate/licensing/mfgr_vendor_SO.pem
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --token = Token-Id:SO-D5C052A8
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: --key = /_conf/certificate/licensing/mfgr_vendor_SO.key
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: URL : eu-prod-utm.soa.sophos.com/.../applianceactivation
    INFO Jan 02 09:46:11 [0]: request : { "serialNumber": "C01001Y7K2P42CC", "deviceId": "566c840b-f906-4655-8f32-1afc770ed7df", "model": "SF01V", "deviceFirmwareVersion": "", "vendorCode": "SO01" }
    ERROR Jan 02 09:46:12 [0]: curl_easy_perform(60) failed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    ERROR Jan 02 09:46:12 [0]: licensing_do_activation() : Problem in contacting Server
    { "statusmessage": "Operation failed due to an unknown error. Please contact Support.", "status": "510" }


    I applied the workaround at https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/132458 but the error stays the same.

  • In reply to Ashruf Rodrigues:

    Perhaps try rebooting and if the issue persists, try the KB steps once more.

    If that does not resolve things and the logs are the same, I would suggest opening a support ticket to investigate what is going on at a deeper level. 

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    Is there any HTTPs Inspection between XG WAN and the Internet? 

    Any Kind of Proxy? 

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    He can try this command:

    openssl s_client -showcerts -connect eu-prod-utm.soa.sophos.com:443

    then paste the output here. 

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    I would suggest he doesn't have the XG DNS setup correctly.


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    Next Guess: Do you have the proper Timezone selected? 

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    I got a bit further this time after fixing the system time and applying the workaround. The web interface now seems to be stuck on the "Retrieving Eligible Source Devices!" page.

    The Log contains:

    generate certificate signing request (CSR) Fri Feb 15 10:19:19 SAST 2019

    Fri Feb 15 10:19:20 SAST 2019 certificate signing request generated with status :: 0
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: --requestType = 4
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: --serial = C01001Y7K2P42CC
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: --deviceid = af45b180-0114-488f-9ad2-6b08188be78d
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: --cert = /_conf/certificate/licensing/mfgr_vendor_SO.pem
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: --key = /_conf/certificate/licensing/mfgr_vendor_SO.key
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: URL : eu-prod-csr.soa.sophos.com/.../signing
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:20 [0]: certificate_signing_request() : request : { "serialNumber":"C01001Y7K2P42CC", "deviceId":"af45b180-0114-488f-9ad2-6b08188be78d", "certificateSigningRequest":"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
    INFO Feb 15 10:19:22 [0]: certificate_signing_request() : response : {"errorCode":"ITSERVICELAYER_PROVIDER_REQUEST_ERROR","message":"Device must be activated and registered","statusCode":400,"trackingId":"289de8e9-a08a-4588-8d17-da17af2cfba5"}

    ERROR Feb 15 10:19:22 [0]: Certificate signing Failed : Device must be activated and registered...:(
    ERROR Feb 15 10:19:22 [0]: certificate signing request() : parsing failed...

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    I have my DNS setup by DHCP and I made no changes to the default config.

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    Like mentioned in the Log.

    You need to restart the Appliance.

    It should come up and after login into the webadmin, the appliance should ask for a activation and everything should work fine. 

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    I just ran the registration using chrome and it went through. Not sure why firefox gave me all this trouble. Thanks for the help all.

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    I have noticed issues with registration if you have an adblock add-on to your browser before. 

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    Can confirm UBlock broke XG registration for me.