Free!! SG License File cannot be converted into XG


Can anyone help me with this error:

Error ID: XG-00208 : This is a free license file and cannot be used to get an XG license.

I am pretty sure that my SG license in original and genuine and works properly when it is in SG format. Only when I try to convert it into XG this error happens.


  • Why not just apply for a new XG serial number (licence)?


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    I already have a SG appliance with a FG license.

    Now I just wanted to convert this SG setup into XG firmware. At the stage that asks for SG license file, this error happens.

    I am more worried about "FREE" word at the beginning of the error message!! Have I bought a fake license !? 

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    I don't think the conversion process is recommended as being reliable. You could try asking your reseller/partner to issue you with a new licence to replace your exisiting one for the remaining period.


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    Hi Ian, it is possible and you can do it.

    It has some "restriction on it".

    Did you follow the whole process? Did you use the correct myUTM License? 

    I saw couple of cases, which had "broken" licenses in the Sophos Backend. This needs to be fixed by us (Sophos). 

    This process works for 99% of our customers. So you should let customercare check your license.

  • I had the same problem with one of our customers SG330's FG license.

    the license was legit, the only odd things with that license was:

    - it was migrated once in the past from UTM to SG

    - It had a very short lifetime left, expire date was less that 14days

    Somehow the license was broken in Sophos Backend and they had to manually fix it.


    just open tac case with the highstest priority, insist from the beginning that this is a backend problem and that the license team has to fix this asap.

    in my case it took 4 days :-/

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    But you can start the FG+ Trial while wizard and migrate the license after in the GUI under Licensing.