License gone from my sophos.

Went to update a firewall rule on one of my XGs when i noticed that it was in basic mode.  


On the license tab it says that there was no subs.  i have full guard until 2020.  So i log into my sophos and i see that the license is also not there as well. 


So some how mysophos lost my license and the firewall synced with it removing my valid license. 


How does something like this happening. 


Mind you support says that everything is fine on there backend and they are working to fix it. 



But why that is happening no one can explain to me what happen to my licenses and how they can just be removed via Sync. 


It worries me that Sophos can just pull your valid license at any time. 

  • Hi  

    My apologies for this inconvenience. Something must have gone wrong during the normal intervals of license synchronization.

    You mention that you have already raised a support case with our customer care department to investigate your license? Would it be possible to PM me with your support case ID for follow up?


  • i can try to guess this situation in case i do not have any fact.

    But most of the time, this issue happens in case of HA and rebuild. 

    Referring to this KBA:

    Only the Active appliance requires subscriptions and SF-OS will ensure that the Passive appliance has a copy of those subscriptions, so it can take on processing if the Active appliance fails.
    It is therefore vital that the subscriptions are activated on the intended Active appliance and one has to ensure that HA is enabled only from the appliance which has a valid subscription.


    And sometimes, if you have to rebuild the HA, the "wrong" appliance is currently Master. 

    So would recommend to check mySophos and cross check the appliance status. 

    It is not possible to simply takeover and resync. You have to rebuild the HA or transfer license via license transfer KBA: