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Our photography company purchased the assets of a tech services business at a foreclosure auction, and included in the items was a Sophos XG 310 firewall.  The business is no longer around, and we decided to go with a hosted solution instead of some bad advice recieved.   The license on it is good until January of 2019, but it is in the former companies name. How do we go about getting a proper transfer certificate to liquidate this device?

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    Take a look at this KBA:

    And if you want to move the asset, you should get in touch with your partner / sophos sales rep. Sometimes there are legal processes to transfer assets. 

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    Hello,  thanks for your reply. Unfortunately we don't have a sales rep or any other sophos products, another company had purchased the firewall, and went out of business. Their landlord took possession of the items they left and sold them at auction to us.  Right now the license is in the out of business companies name, so we couldn't open a support ticket.  

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    Best way is to look for a new sophos partner at our site and get in touch with him. He should be able to lead you to the correct process.

    At the current state, this seems to be just a legal process. 

  • Agree with the above replies, but due to the specific nature of this you will likely need some additional help. You need to do 2 things and ideally 3 (for both of the first 2 items it will likely be very helpful if you can find the original company's invoice or License Schedule for what they bought - whether you can or not, please state the Serial Number on all emails):

    1. Start by contacting - as the original Licensee no longer exists you will struggle to follow our standard process to cover off clause 3.2 of our EULA found here: So email them and ask what process should be followed.

    2. Likewise, if you don't have access to the original person who registered the appliance in MySophos (sounds like you won't but to use you would need access/cooperation from them) then you will need to contact to ask them for advice on how to change the registrant to yourself. Perhaps wait until you have got a response from legal or at least reference that you have contacted them already.

    3. Finding a partner is recommended as they may be able to provide other assistance you may require and would certainly be happy to quote you for a renewal as Jan 2019 is not so far away ;)