Can't upload Files in Nextcloud protected by Sophos XG WAF


I can't upload any Files in Nextcloud. The Upload get's stuck in the last few Bytes, and then Nextcloud says "Upload failed, due to an unknown Error.".

After changing the Settings like recommanded in this thread:, the "413 Request entity to large" Errors are gone, but the Upload is still not working. After putting the Logmode of the WAF to Debug, there are many of these entries in the Logs:

"[crit] Memory allocation failed, aborting process." , and there are also these strange Timeout entries in the logs, always after  trying to upload something, like in this old screenshot:


Since I am an Home user, I am unable to open a Ticket.



Dwayne Parker

  • Hi Dwayne Parker,

    What is the file size that you are trying to upload?

    Looking at the time out error code, I would suggest you to try with changing the timeout value, default is 300. 

    From configured web server try to increase the timeout value and check if it makes any difference. 


  • In reply to H_Patel:



    the file size is >=50MB.

    The Upload is stucking for a very long Time, so it is possible, that it is stucking until the Timeout is reached.

    Changing the Timeout on the Server don't change anything.

    As soon as I set the Protection Rule to Monitor, the Problem disappears, and the upload is not stucking any more so the Problem is located inside the WAF of XG. After setting the Protection Rule back to Block Attacks, the Problem exists again.

    Where can I set the Timeout of the WAF of XG? EDIT: Just found the setting for Timeout in XG, but changing it changed nothing, the Problem persists.


    Regards Dwayne Parker