Questions for the customer

Questions for the customer

I elaborated these questions to make for the client and with it to understand the environment and carry out the project of implantation of SOPHOS.
What do you think? What else should I ask?

1. What is the old firewall? (Manufacturer, version)

2. What are the objects registered? (IPs, names,)

3. What are the IPs registered in the interfaces?

4. What rules have been created?

5. Which web filtering policies do you use?

6. What are the VPN policies used?

  • Hi Tiago,

    Those are great questions. Here are some additional questions to ask:

    1. What NAT policies are implemented?

    2. Do they have an internal mail server/web server that they need to setup Email/Web Server Protection for?

    3. Application filter policies?

    4. Do they have wireless networks?

    5. What is their current IPS policy?

    6. Will they and what do they use for authentication? AD? 

    7. Do they have any Static Routes in place?

    8. Any traffic shaping/QoS policies implemented?

  • Tiago,

    ask always for a physical network diagram, in order to understand possible static route, and what the services are. Most of the time, customers call fill the survey correctly but they do not have the correct view on how traffic flows.


  • In reply to Karlos:

    Very good, thks for the help

     good ideia :)