Documentation project

Today I was able to close my first XG Firewall project :)

And I would like your help, I need a document to present to my client, pre-project document, where the client will respond and with that I will know what features will be configured.

It would be a document with several questions, where the customer will answer about the features.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hi Tiago,


    Compliment on your closed XG deal, I think the document you need should be provided internally by your company, or at least a dedicated sales engineer from within your company could help you out building a checklist for your XG project.


    And should the document come in first during Pre-POC? (just wondering), Anyways congratulations on the closed deal, hope work things out for you.




  • In reply to Raphael:


    This is the first XG project so we do not have any documents yet. I would like your help and experience, I believe there must be some document from SOPHOS itself or from someone who has already implemented XG.

    Would you have this document?

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    Hi Tiago,


    let's talk this over DM, thanks.




  • If anyone has this documentation, it would help a lot. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Hi Tiago,


    this is something i develope with the customer in a kick-off workshop.

    i suggest you even if you dit some test installation to do a new test installation in demo lab and to configure all modules

    while doing so write down the things you need to know before you configure that module.

    then you'll have your Pre-Flight Checklist / some stuff to discuss with the customer.

    Yours Lukas

  • In reply to lna:

    Hi Lukas

    That's exactly what I need. The idea was that if someone had already done this, share the document. But it seems that no one wants to share or have not made any such document.

    I started to do the documents, it's still attached and I hope they help someone.
    Thank you anyway.

    XG Firewall.rar