How to Access SophosXGFirewall admin and user portal from WAN ?

I installed XG firewall home edition successfully. Now I would like to access both admin on port 4444 and user portal on port 443 from WAN. I tried various method mentioned in the forum but still no luck.

  • Anandkumar,

    go to Administration > Device access and enable the user portal and HTTPS service for WAN zone. Allowing Admin from WAN is not a best practice. Setup a VPN instead.


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    I tried what you said above but still no luck , do I need to create any firewall rules to allow traffic from WAN to LAN ?.

    I configured XG firewall with dynamic dns and it is working as expected. My intention is to access this XG firewall admin portal or user portal from any part of the world by means of using dynamic dns hostnames I registered. I am not quite sure whether I need to create any firewall rule to allow traffic from WAN to my local network, so that I can access admin portal from any part of the work. I know VPN is the better way to access it remotely but I want to make it working by this way first.

    I have created below certain firewall rules but still no luck.

    I have done this thing many a times in ClearOS, pfsense and simplewall. As I am new to sophos its making me to scratch my head all the day !!!!!


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    firewall rules are not needed. Do you have another firewall/router before XG?


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    Yes I have router before XG firewall. I already enabled port forward in my local router for port 4444 and 443 for user and admin portal. You mentioned firewall rules not required, shall I remove the firewall rules as I created in XG firewall ?

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    try this:

    disconnect the wan port of the XG, connect a computer using a network cable and see if you can reach the user portal using https://wanip

    If it works, your DNAT on your router is wrong. I advice you to forward all ports on your router to XG WAN ip and manage all ports using XG firewall and device access panel.