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Can't register firewall

I've installed the XG Home edition firewall, but can't get past the registration screen.  When I click the Login button the page refreshes and nothing else happens.  A similar thing happens if I try to login to the website.  After I enter my credentials and hit enter I get the sophos logo and a spinning wheel but that's it.  Is there something wrong with the site or is it just my account? 

  • Tim,

    make sure the computer you are using to configure your XG is able to reach internet. Same thing for the XG.

    If it does not work, reinstall XG.

    Make sure XG is able to reach internent using console > ping


  • In reply to lferrara:

    Thank you for the response.  Yes the firewall and my PC both have access to the internet.  I haven't tried a reinstall yet, but that wouldn't help me being able to log into website.  Maybe I need to make a new account?