Can't register firewall

I've installed the XG Home edition firewall, but can't get past the registration screen.  When I click the Login button the page refreshes and nothing else happens.  A similar thing happens if I try to login to the website.  After I enter my credentials and hit enter I get the sophos logo and a spinning wheel but that's it.  Is there something wrong with the site or is it just my account? 

  • Tim,

    make sure the computer you are using to configure your XG is able to reach internet. Same thing for the XG.

    If it does not work, reinstall XG.

    Make sure XG is able to reach internent using console > ping


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    Thank you for the response.  Yes the firewall and my PC both have access to the internet.  I haven't tried a reinstall yet, but that wouldn't help me being able to log into website.  Maybe I need to make a new account?

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    I assume you did a configuration without registering the installation since you are able to connect to the internet.

    If that's the case, SSH into your install and look for the advanced shell option.

    Go to /logs using: cd /logs

    List the directory using: ls

    Look for the licensing log file. It should be called licensing.log or similar.

    Now, check if there are any errors by issuing: tail -f licensing.log -n 20


    If you see errors related to the internal certificates there, you just need to regenerate the certificates (accessible under the console or ssh menus).

    That should resolve the issue with registering or synchronizing the appliance.

  • I am having the exact same problem.. I don't get any cert errors.. just a generic couldn't get data back from the peer error.  I can get out to the internet etc and everything looks ok. 


    So whats up with this licensing process.  It doesn't seem very reliable. 



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    I've been meaning to update this but haven't had a chance.  I ended up having to create a new account and then re-installing sophos.  For some reason the forums is the only place that allows me to log in with this account.  When trying to login to the main site of I get the logo and a spinning wheel.  I did let it continue to try for several minutes and it did eventually time out and give an unhandled exception error.  I didn't make note of the error because at that point I knew it was my account that was the issue and not the firewall itself. 

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    For me, I don't have any problem logging in, and I've tried reinstalling several times. 




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    Yeah, your issue doesn't sound like it's the same as mine.  Do you have another firewall or router between the sophos and the internet?  Could be something else blocking it. 

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    Nope.. direct connection to the internet that is wide open.  Still no joy.