HowTo SWAP PortE0 (LAN) with PortE0:2 (ALIAS) in XG 17.5.9


last year i had installed the XG 17.5 with a temporary PortE0 IP ( for Migration of the old UTM Firewall.
After a few weeks all was fine, i had several Publishing rules, some mail rules, VPN, STAS, User Portal and some more.

I added a Alias IP PortE0:2 ( and removed the old UTM.

Now i would like to remove the Default IP or SWAP PortE0 with PortE0:2

I know, if i remove an alias, all associated rules are gone (had this in an early test).

What will happen if i Change the PortE0:2 IP to a new temporary IP (

Wait a few minutes or reboot the XG and Change the PortE0 IP to, later i can Change the alias IP to


Has anyone done this yet?

  • No, I never tried to be honest.

    When you try to edit the IP, you should be warned of the things that are affected. Take a backup, before making any change.