XG VM on Hyper V 2019

Hi All,

I am setting up server 2019 std with Hyper V role and installed XG As a virtual machine. all went well until i rebooted it  after successfully registering it. It hangs at 'stopping'. if you rt click the VM and choose shut down, same issue. Windows server vm work fine. anyone seen this? works fine on 2012.

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    2019 server has been running well a week now with XG off. when turned on even if its excluded from backup it tries to shadow copy the VM and will not do a saved stat then server malfunctions as i stated before . when XG VM is off back up is normal . i built a 2016 server and imported the XG VM and it all works for 4 days now. next will be another 2019 server on different hardware in case the HP hardware is the cause. Can't use the HP OEM media as it checks the hardware and refused to install on Dell. so downloading a trial 2019 from Microsoft. stay tuned. I contacted Sophos support last week, they asked me for an image of the error message. WHAT? i asked them to read this page as there is no one image that will illustrate what is going on. must be first level support. waiting for reply.  ticket #9338465

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    Just to confirm - you've gone into Windows Server Backup, modified the backup schedule and removed the XG VM from the backup set? And it's still trying to create a snapshot of the XG VM as part of the backup?

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    yes even if i remove XG VM, configure backup then import xg VM, making sure no services are checked it still happens. 

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    Update; since patching the 2019 server with 2019-11 updates XG is now working normally 4 days. kb4523205 mentions some virtualization update, must have fixed it. backup successful, server will restart without hanging the management service vmms.exe. also Sophos support was less than helpful with this issue. looking elsewhere for my FW needs.

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    Update 2;

    Something strange yesterday. The VM restarted many times, i got these emails;

    8:55am gateway came up

    11:10am gateway came up

    12:22pm gateway came up

    12:22pm gateway went down

    1:00pm gateway went down

    1:00pm gateway came up

    1:45pm gateway came up

    1:45pm gateway went down

    2:38pm  gateway came up


    notice the odd number of went down to up emails? Been quiet since then. Keep in mind this is a lab environment there are no users or workstations. Also the XG is running with an expired trial license, not sure what effect that has on its functionality. Sill not ready to try this in production.

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    so some interesting new from the production server. Above was the lab server which i have had shut down.


    So backup started to fail intermittently on the server on both backup drives. these are USB bays with SATA 3GB disks in them, a few years old. the error would say something cryptic, no real hint says; delete and recreate backup job.  once on each drive. sometime it failed at last volume 'F' other times never started. 3rd time says error writing to drive. happening twice on same disk but one error did not identify disk name , used a random volume string. So i decided to replace the USB bays with new ones.

    so guess what ? backup fails within minutes on first volume on both NEW bup drives and lots of warnings in the system log about uapstor driver resetting and disk retried warnings. was better with old bup bays. Should i put them back?

    So did chkdsk on bup disk, was ok. so what gives here? is it USB problem,disk problem, USB bus maybe? So i looked again at error logs and noticed some failed at volume 'F'.
    ' so i looked at the drive; and that is where XG firewall VM is located. Of course i have has this VM off since November as it causes backup to malfunction. still waiting for the word from Sophos that they support it on server 2019.
    Wait a minute!!!

    I dropped the VM and deleted the files (to recycle bin)and Vola backup now works and finished successfully in 80 min. still a few warnings in system log but far less. 

    So should i wait for second bup bay, rerun bup wizard or maybe empty recycle bin of XG files? Something about the XG VM disks is causing this.  and why was it ok for 3 months? last MSpatch 2019-12 was 3 weeks before first failure. I will wait for bup drive bay change tomorrow. stay tuned.