How to tell what modules are loaded?


Sorry for the noob question.
Can anyone tell me how i can tell what system modules are enabled.

I just disabled the SIP module via the command line but the command doesnt seem to give any feedback in the console as to whether it was or wasnt running.

It would be nice to be able to check the status of the module and also check if there are any other modules which i may not want running.

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  • Hello,

    here is the command you are looking for: system_modules

    system_modules[ h323 { load | unload } | irc { load ( port < string | default > ) | unload } | pptp { load | unload } | sip { load ( port < string | default > ) | unload } | tftp { load ( port < string | default > ) | unload } | show ]

    From the SF-OS Command Reference Guide ->



  • Hi Eli,

    Thanks for the command, i already had those and was actually looking for a command or location in the admin portal where i can check the current status of the modules.

    So i would like to know if there is a way to see if the SIP module is actually loaded or not.


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    Hello Martin,

    over the WebConsole not rly. 

    Because I had the same issue were the SIP Module caused errors with the PBX from Telekom.

    If you unload or load a module over the console it will stay "off" or "on" even after a restart!

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    Thanks eli, i think i saw your response earlier in the search with no response to it.

    Seems a little lax of a good device to have a console command which doesnt even provide the option of status on the command.

    Oh well i guess i could nit pick about a lot of things if i wanted to.

  • In reply to Eli:

    Type this command in the console:

    system system_modules show
    pptp    loaded      
    h323    loaded      
    tftp    loaded      
    irc    loaded      
    sip    loaded      
    dns    loaded      


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    Sry @lfereara

    I hope you will not be offended!

    But why not read the context of the post 1st - Since I delivered the answer beforehand. (View previous posts) - We are a community... honesty and vertue should be done without question.

    @martin plz mark the post that answered your question ;)

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  • In reply to Eli:

    Eli and  thanks for your clear answers. Eli, your answer gave all options on the system system_modules command, which was great for an experienced user to see all of the options for the command. , your answer was very specific to the exact question Martin asked and was much clearer to a noob. It was clear from Martin's response that he had not realized that Eli's response was the answer he was looking for because it contained more information than he was prepared for. I liked the clear way iferrara gave the exact command and a representation of the response he could expect. I learned from both of your answers, and have now downloaded the CLI reference linked from Eli's post,  so thanks to both of you for responding in your own ways! :-)