Help on Setting up XG Firewall 17.5 + HG612 on TalkTalk using PPoE


I am trying to setup an XG Firewall with HG612 using PPoE to connect to TalkTalk FTTC service and having trouble establishing a connection.

I have an unlocked HG612 as follows:

and I have configured the WAN interface as follows:

I seem to have an upstream connection:

But I the WAN interfaces on the HG612 (LAN Port 1) and the XGFW (Port 2) don't seem to be connecting in spite on the stats showing thraffic on LAN 1 i/f:

The XGFW just seems stuck on 'Connecting' on the WAN i/f:

Here are the WAN Port 2 PPoE settings:

The TT FTTC account has been provisioned with a static IP and some routed IP adresses. I have tried with and without the Preferred IP field completed using these addresses but without success.

Googling for info returns contradictory results as to what Priority (802.1p?) should be used (anything from 0-2) and whether a user/pass is required - but the XGFW does not allow blank user/pass in PPoE.

I'm sure that it's something obvious but cannot put my finger on it so would appreciate any help.

If there is someone that could take a look at the info above and make some suggestions then that would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards


  • Hi,

    the issue is with your router setup, you need to disable all those functions you have enabled. Not sure why you have two VLANs configured in your router which you want to act as a modem only.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry I haven't replied until now but I had trouble accessing the Community site earlier today.

    I followed your advice and removed all the enabled settings so that the WAN page in the HG612 now looks like this:

    And now I get a connection!

    Thanks for all your help.