UTM 9.604-2 internet access and Netflix problem

Hi there,

Using UTM 9 verison 9.604-2 on a SFF PC with 2 network cards (one for internal LAN and one for WAN)

Everything is working brilliant all apart from I can't access the internet on one Linux PC I have here and also Netflix streaming is not working from any device on the network!

All Windows PC's and NAS are working fine with internet access.

Did try setting up a static IP on the Linux PC with Default gateway IP and DNS as UTM IP address with no luck.


My setup is as follows -

- vdsl modem in bridge mode connected to ETH0 card for WAN 

- Internal network on ETH1 card 

- DHCP enabled on UTM

- DHCP DNS 1 and default gateway is set as UTM IP addresss.

- NO static IP addresses setup on the UTM and all devices get an IP from DHCP server


Firewall and web filtering services have not been changed from default settings

At the moment these are the firewall rules (created by the installation wizard):

- Internal (Network) - DNS - Any

- Internal (Network) - Email Messaging - Any

- Internal (Network) - File Transfer - Any

- Internal (Network) - Web Surfing - Any


Any help to get Netflix streaming working and internet on my Linux PC would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance