Where is V18 at?


this request for an update on progress is for those of us that do not have access top partners/resllers.

Would some-one in the know who is allowed to provide progress on v18 please add to this thread.

I am not after guesses or conjecture, but real timelines (give or take a month).


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    Yes that is true, but they are asking in hope of a resolution to a specific issue.

    I am asking in reference to the total update and progress on its future.


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    Great post Ian, I too would like to know the road map so to speak.  You are also correct in wanting to know for certain reasons, mine is the country blocking displaying the website category instead of displaying the country name to name one.  But knowing the general plan would help to let upper management know and at least be able to give them something in my case.  Plus I enjoy testing the XG in my free time.





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    Hi folks,

    to keep this post at the forefront of peoples minds I will add what I expect to test.

    1/. fixed mail reporting

    2/. fixed mail scanning

    3/. IPv6 functionality lots of it (same functions as the IP4 firewall in XG but would hope for integration similar to the UTM)

    4/. improved DNS (similar to UTM)

    5/. an NTP server (similar to UTM)

    6/. improved DHCP servers (specific to a port, options etc)

    Am I hoping for too  much?


  • In the first place v17 should be stable and usable for enterprise environment.
    From mr4 to mr7 only updates with bugs.
    Meanwhile, you have to be afraid of updates like Windows 10, which works without any problems after a firmware upgrade.

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    Or not enough?????????

    I also heard an overhaul of web content filters may be in the works for this version.  

    But there is always that fine line of how much change do you really want to have at once?


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    Hi Paul,

    regarding the DHCP server, we the community are hoping for a much better DHCP server similar to the one in the UTM.


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    Hi Guys and Gals, 


    I have been looking into some Sophos XG Training, which is currently being offered both on location and virtually for a cost over the next couple months.  I heard through this that V18 is slated for November which would like up with the training they are currently pushing.   

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    Hi badrobot,

    thank you for that update, hopefully the November date is for the GA, not the EAP?


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    August is coming soon, but there is still no detailed info about the features added, especially the basic features in UTM and the smooth migration tool from UTM to XG.
    I really need a monthly executive report for audit needs, advanced policy testers (automatic web policy detection) and basic features like what you describe.

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    v18.  Basically a new core.

    But then, it means the Beta would run only few weeks ?

    Unrealistic or seriously irresponsible.  You choose.

    Paul Jr



    Would depend on how long the beta has been running for, Sophos are quite secretive in what they are up to, given that they are a cyber security firm I would think that's acceptable.


    Quite possibly the v18 beta has already been running internally for months.

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    Probably by the end of 2019 we will see the new version of SFOS v18. There will be some new and interesting changes.


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    Hello Everyone, 

    At the moment is still in the testing phase, as soon as it is available in public. The beta we shall broadcast on community.