Cannot connect XG115 to Cisco SG350-28P Managed Switch

Forgive me if this has been discussed and for being an absolute noob to this level of networking.


I have purchased an XG115 and managed Cisco router to replace our current Sonicwall and Netgear non-managed switch. Our Sonicwall power connector broke internally and the power cord falls out of it constantly. I did some research and from what I've found, the sophos is supposed to be much much better than sonicwall. 

Steps taken: I was able to connect to the XG's web GUI with one of our laptops and went through the initial setup. After that, I plugged the LAN port 1 into our Cisco managed switch and the sophos disappears. I cannot ping it, there is no internet on the network, its like its not even there. I then plugged back into the XG directly from a laptop and was able to access the web GUI immediately. Below are my static IP addresses so you can see there is no IP conflicts.



Server (Hyper-V)

Server (DC)

Is there something I need to setup in the XG and\or Cisco to make them talk to eachother? Is a switchover cable required?


  • Hi,

    from memory Cisco switched need to be told what the interface is connected as. Check to see if your Cisco can do automatic connection setup, also check the XG  interface is set to automatic.