How to setup IPSec VPN connection from Sophos XG 17.5 to OCI IPSec VPN connection

Hi All,

I am trying to establish a site to site VPN connection between my Sophos XG firewall home edition which is installed in VirtualBOx and sitting behind my home router to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). But somehow connection is not getting establishing.

Find the details below.


1: My home router IP is (In fact I have a static Public IP which I cant provide here)

2: My Sophos XG 17.5 Firewall installed in VirtualBox is having WAN IP of and LAN Subnet as

3: I have opened UDP ports in my home router (D-Link 825 ACG1) for 500 and 4500 ports and TCP ports 50 and 51 for IPsec communications.

4: Created OCI IPSec Policy to connect to OCI IPSec tunnels which I created in Oracle cloud infrastructure.

5: Below is one of the IPSec Tunnel I created.

After creating the IPSec Policy and IPSec connection and when I click on connect it throw me an error simply saying connection could not be established. Searched for logs in reports but nothing reported for VPN - IPSec .