Firmware Upgrade in HA-P, disruptive service

We have the XG Firewall in Active-Passive HA and are planning on doing a firmware upgraded but i have not been able to find anything in the docs stating whether or not doing the upgrade will be disruptive to end users. I can understand under a single firewall it would but i would have thought that under HA the end user should barely notice anything..

Anyone want to shed some light on this..


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    hope this kb help shed some light:


    Going throught what the kb said:

    1. Master node will check for New Firmware version using Up2date
    2. If Administrator select new firmware to download and install.
    3. Master node will download the firmware
    4. Master node will push Firmware to slave node
    5. Slave node will reboot with new firmware.
    6. After slave node reboots it will come up as new master as it has higher version
    7. New Master node will send reboot signal to Old master node.
    8. Old Master reboots with new firmware and will come up as Slave node
    9. HA pair will be synchronized again and resumes normal operation



    this looked like a seamless firmware upgrade.


    hope this one helps. Regards

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    Hi, that's what i was after, thanks.