XG limit outbound mail rate - where and what values


i use XG 17.5 and some of our mails to customers failed 'to many connections from your IP (rate controlled)'

Where can i set a limit for the connection rate.
I found this options in email / general (current settings)

Maximum connections            20
Maximum connections/host         20    
Maximum emails/connection         100    
Maximum recipients/email         100    
Emails rate     Per minute/host        50
Connections rate Per second/host     50

But i can´t find information if these settings are receiving mail OR sending mail.

What option will limit the sending rate of the XG 17.5 out?



  • As far as i remember correctly, those values are for every SMTP sender. 

    So basically your Email server and all inbound senders. 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:


    i have the same problem with a mailing server behind XG 220.
    These values are for incoming mails.

    I had a case open with sophos and result is that,
    the XG is not able to limit or rate control outgoing mails at all.