Website block message customization not working


We are migrating from UTM to XG using the migration tool. We generated the config and imported it into our spare SG. Until now, all good.

We were polishing the install, creating rules, customizations and so on, and we found a weird problem. We customised the web proxy error messages in "Web -> User notifications" (see picture below) and the preview shows what we want, but when we try to access a blocked website, the message it displays is completely different, and it's shown twice!

Also, it's trying to show a picture at the top and bottom, which are the "Custom images" I tried setting, but removed in the end. Somehow it still thinks it should display them although the box is clearly unchecked.

Note that I had to go to "Web -> Categories" and in every single category go to Advanced Settings and UNCHECK the "Override default notification page". It was checked by default in every category with a message that was displaying correctly, only once, but was really crappy without HTML or any colours.

Anyone can help us fix this?


Expected (preview):


  • By the way, the "Warning" message works as expected on sites that are not blocked but just warned. It's just the block message that is affected for some reason.

  • This looks like an issue with the migration.  It tried to migrate the UTM block pages and somehow its been screwed up.

    Can you try turning off the custom block messages.  Save.  Then turn them on again.  Or making some change and saving.  It needs to regenerate the page templates.

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    Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately we already tried that.

    Do you know any other way of resetting that? Maybe SSH into the device and delete the template files so they get regenerated or something similar?

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    Hi Michael. I have exactly the same problem. Was there a solution?

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    Hi Zac,

    Yes, there is a solution, it's some kind of known error with the migration process. There is a command you should execute in the shell but since Michael sent it through PM I don't think I should post it here...

    Hopefully he will contact you too.


  • Go to Authentication>Services>Web Policy action for unauthenticated users>Login prompt method> Select "Display a custom message".  Then insert custom message via text/HTML.

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    Hi Deo,

    That's the captive portal screen, not the proxy filter ("website blocked") screen.

    For this issue in particular, there is a confirmed problem with the migration. Sophos support can help with it, they fixed it in my case.


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    Thanks ZLogistics. I've been provided with the command and will try it tomorrow.

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    Hi Mate,


    This is a work around and on Cyberoam days this method is always use until now it is working. You may try it. :) But still you have to create a User Firewall Rule above the Dropped Rule.