Trying to get MGMT ports configured on XG 550

We recently purchased two XG 550 appliances. We were trying to get them setup -- and we noticed that they have two MGMT ports, MGMT1 and MGMT2. We also noticed that both MGMT ports were in a bridge group with PortA1 on the 8-port module on the front of the firewall.

With other firewalls and network appliances(such as Arista switches) it is possible to give an appliance a separate management subnet IP address, such as a (172.16.x.x.) address. This is what I would consider a true "out of band" management interface for network appliances. 

With the XG550, we cannot figure out how to give the MGMT addresses a gateway. It does seem that we are able to give the bridge an IP address. 

So far, we are unable to get access to it from our OOBM switch, although we are able to access Port MGMT1 via a direct connection to a laptop.

Any help much appreciated.

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    Have you tried deleting the bridge and configuring the port interfaces separately as per your requirements?


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    I don't think we did that yet. What is the purpose of having the three interfaces ship from the factory as part of a bridge?

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    For context, did you go go through the setup wizard upon receiving the device? This may have be created depending on what options you selected.

    Also, I wanted to confirm if you were able to continue with the rest of the configuration after the deletion of this bridge?


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    What is the purpose of having the three interfaces ship from the factory as part of a bridge?

    For whatever reason, your firewall came to you in Bridge Mode. Bridge mode allows the XG Firewall to be inserted into a network without changing the existing router/gateway/firewall.  This is used to evaluate the XG Firewall or to install advanced features without the need for disruption. 

    You can set the XG Firewall to Gateway mode.  Gateway mode is the mode you seem to be expecting.  It is the default mode.  Gateway mode will allow you to assign any scope you desire to the firewall for management and other needs.  Go to Backup & Firmware > Firmware, and in the first section, click on the "set to factory configuration" wheel on the far left of the firmware version you wish to use.  In 5 minutes, the Firewall will reboot, and you can go through the setup wizard to put the Firewall in Gateway mode.