XG home edition on Intel Nuc

Hello guys,


i'm looking forward to install the xg home on an intel nuc.

did somebody already installed the xg on that device. I would like to buy a nuc with core i3.

Also what kind of usb adaptor did you use as second nic?

And what kind of throughput do you expect with that core i3? today i have a 100/12 cable connection from vodafone.

But as they already purchase a 400/25 connection i want to be safe for the future.


Thanks in advance for your replies


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Hallo zusammen,


ich spiele mit dem Gedanken mir eine XG Home Edition für zuhause zu basteln.

Ich würde ja einen Intel Nuc mit Corei3 bevorzugen. Hat schon jemand die XG auf einem Nuc installiert?

Welchen USB Adapter habt Ihr dafür benutzt?

Wieviel Bandbreite kann ich eurer Meinung nach damit durchkriegen? Aktuell hab ich eine 100/12 Leitung von vodafone.

Allerdings bieten die seit neuestem ja schon 400/25 an und ich würde gerne etwas zukunftssicherer sein wollen.


Danke für eure Antworten




  • Did you ever get an answer on this subject? I'm looking to buy a NUC for running a SophosXG Home edition.

  • In reply to ReinoutNL:

    I don't think xg will ever tested on usb nic, so if you really want to use xg in home stay away from them.

    If you really want to use NUC, you can run xg inside hyper-v or esxi with vlans.

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    NUC is basically minitx. I can get my hands on a NUC with 8GB RAM, i5 quad core in it at 1.8 Ghz.  120 GB SSD inside. It has one physical NIC and built-in WIFI. I'd use one USB 3.0 port to add a NIC (Realtek) but it that doesn't work you can add a NIC to the PCI Express Slot if I'm correct. (x4)


  • In reply to ReinoutNL:

    NUC and mini-itx is complete different thing. If you get a mini-itx it will have one PCI Express Slot which you can put a second hand intel i350 in it, and that is generally better than most onboard nic in minipc.

    intel NUC don't have that and you only have one nic.