Did the RAM limits change for Home edition for 16.05.2 to 4GB?

Did the limits for RAM on Home edition get changed with SFOS 16.05.2 MR2? I'm only seeing 4GB after update. Still only showing 4GB after rolling back to SFOS 16.05.1 MR-1. I was seeing 6GB usable before upgrade.

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    I am also having the same issue. I have 8GB and it is only showing 4 gb.


    If there is a palce to make suggestions I would love it if it could be increased to 8GB. Homes with a NAS and that do heavy gaming or streaming will use up the memory depending on how enthusiastic they (we) are.

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    I am well aware you are using mem= option of the kernel. That is the SOURCE of the problem. It's nice to see someone finally admit that they know it's the problem.

    So unless you've modified/calculated the mem= value above 6GB for anyone that has a large chunk of their memory remapped starting at 4GB based on the kernel memory map, or used some other memory limiting technique this HAS NOT been fixed.

    Please provide more details on what EXACTLY was done instead of making us wait to just find out the problem may not have been corrected, which will then start a whole new cycle of waiting.

    Many of us here are technical and can understand any response that development can provide.



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    tom greene

    Thanks for the great news but since we are still on MR3 right now, it seems that MR5 is still a long way to go. Any ETA on MR5?

    They promised to release a Maintenance Release each month. MR4 was released as per yesterday, so MR5 should be released somwhere end of next month.


    Kevin Brierly and others have been saying this since the introduction of the problem while you guys didn't want to admit it. Can you please look into this further and find out how someone googled mem option for linux kernel and then included it in one of the MR releases without ANY QA testing or knowing the ramifications of such action?

    I guess, Home Edition is not covered by deep QA and automated Testing. This is somehow understandable, because Sophos provides this Version for free. At this point I somehow have to protect sophos. The only thing could be improved, is they could have reacted faster, and have the problem solved within 1 MR and nod within 3.

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    MR4 was available on my XG Home Edition this morning... Already upgraded and running fine...


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    but did not change memory allocations.

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    Same problem here unfortunately. Showing only 3609MB Max Memory instead of 6GB

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    No solutions as yet.

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    plus more bugs....

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    Thanks for the update. 

  • MR5 resolved the issue for me.  Back to 6GB.

    console> system diagnostics show mem
    MemTotal:        6102580 kB
    MemFree:         2865728 kB

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    I can confirm this. Back to 6GB with MR5 as well.

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    Can confirm the fix as well. Thanks for the update!

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    Also can confirm i am up with 6GB of ram on MR5. Thanks for getting this fixed. It is much appreciated.

    New kernel option appears to be memlimit=6G. I don't see that in the normal kernel docs so they must have created it.

    It looks like extra memory is likely getting assigned into a ram buffer based on /proc/iomem output, could be wrong.


    SFVH_SO01_SFOS 16.05.5 MR-5# cat /proc/iomem | grep -i RAM
    00001000-0009c7ff : System RAM
    00100000-1effffff : System RAM
    20200000-7b217fff : System RAM
    7b293000-7b3bafff : System RAM
    7bb30000-7bffffff : System RAM
    100000000-205a537ff : System RAM
    205a53800-207ffffff : RAM buffer


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    Mine isn't quite 6gb, but close enough not to split hairs.

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    Thanks for the update will be doing the fix today then to try it out. Thanks a million.